Star Saga: Stage 2 Arrived!

Just a quick note, stage 2 of the Star Saga Kickstarter arrived today! Massive amount of miniatures and more! Hours of sci-fi dungeon crawling goodness, and enough miniatures to make full forces for several factions in Deadzone (Veer-myn, Nameless, Mazon Labs). Expect to see some more Mantic painting soon! Advertisements

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Killteam: Praetorians

For Praetoria! I was bitten by the colonial-era bug not long ago while reading Rudyard Kipling and reflecting on my own military service. While the merits and horrors of colonialism are many and could consume endless hours of heated debate (trust me, my 4-year degree is poli-sci and conflict history), we can pretty safely separate […]

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Killteam: Death Guard

Gifts from Papa Nurgle! What better way to dive into Killteam than by painting some of my long-neglected disease bearers. Actually, since I’ve been out of painting for a bit these little buggers were a good way to get back at it. As you can readily tell these blokes aren’t quite finished. I still need […]

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Killteam: Praetorians Sneak Peak

Apologies for the terrible cellphone pics but I don’t have much time during the week while working 12-hour days and I wanted to get an update out today before work. Killteam has really engaged my creativity! It’s such a great way to experiment with a few miniatures without sinking hundreds of dollars into a full […]

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The Towers of Hongcromunda

One thing that has always bothered me about GW Necromunda terrain is that it’s all completely industrial. Nowhere do we see the types of mass settlements that house all the forsaken souls who work the hive’s industries. I wanted to change that by filling a table with settlement-style terrain. These settlements would be built on […]

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It’s been a long while since I posted anything. This year in gaming seemed to be a series of non-starts. Newcromunda is completely dead in my area now thanks to the slow-drip release schedule, spiraling costs, and poor editing in the books. I just barely finished painting a basic Van Saar gang with a ton […]

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