DIY Soap: Churning Ocean

My sister-in-law loved the little heart soaps I gave out in February so much that she commissioned a batch to give out at her business. In fact, almost every woman I’d given soap to over the holidays spoke highly of the gifts so I decided to keep working on it and try more advanced designs. […]

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DIY Soap: Second Try

The Christmas experiment with homemade herbal soaps proved very popular despite being incredibly basic. I decided to give it another go with better materials and commercial molds. Once again, off to the craft store!        

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New Project: DIY Casting

I’m taking a break from 28mm models to work on 15mm stuff once again. As All Quiet on the Martian Front has gained new life, I thought I’d dust off the models, but set the next Martian invasion in the 1960s while America was busy planning to fight on the nuclear battlefields of a Cold […]

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