Mercs: Recon. Employees.

Mercs: Recon makes use of a blip-movement system not dissimilar to Space Hulk to build tension as unknown “Agents” occupy the office building. Agents represent different┬átypes of opposing forces (OpFor) that the player’s mercs may encounter. Some are simply administrators and office workers while others may be powerful security forces or high-value targets. These unknown […]

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Mercs: Recon. CCC Additional Units

Time for a Mercs: Recon update. The second wave of Kickstarter materials shipped out early this month, bringing new unit types and expansion missions. First up, the megacon CCC and their signature merc unit the Yellow Jackets. I’m still working on the bases. I’m undecided on how to finish them. Recon takes place inside buildings, […]

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