Mercs: Recon. First Look, Part II

Continuing the preview¬†with more models and tiles. Most of these are from the Kickstarter campaign stretch goals and expansion packs, not in the core boxes. Once again, I don’t know when any of these will become available to order. I’ll throw up a proper gameplay review and how-to soon. OpFor: Employees and Unique Models Employees […]

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Mercs: Recon. First Look

Mercs: Recon is a boardgame by MegaCon Games set in “MERCS” the near-future dystopian sci-fi universe. Mercs: Recon is cooperative for 2-5 players working to achieve goals before the security levels rise to impossible levels. The game is also fully playable solo (and even has an appropriate “infected” zombie expansion), and the Lockdown expansion adds […]

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