Hobbycraft: Magic Washes

Today I decided to try my hand at making custom acrylic “magic” washes for painting miniatures. I’ve used the Games Workshop washes quite extensively in the past but they have several drawbacks, including price and limited selection. Instead, I hit the internet up for good recipes. I also learned about the technique of darklining, or […]

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Miniatures and Gardens

Here’s some fun pictures. Inspired by bonsai gardens, here are some macro shots of 15mm soldiers marching through the underbrush of potted plants. I love the photos with the succulents. It really looks like some 1930s vision of an alien planet.

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WIP Land Ironclad Revisited

I just realized it’s been 8 months since I posted the Land Ironclad under construction. Since then, Alien Dungeon (the company producing AQMF) has gone into bankruptcy in spectacular meltdown. Uncertain of the game’s future and slightly bitter at all the dollars and hours invested in collecting, building, and painting, I relegated my farm houses […]

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