Deadzone: Veer’Myn faction painted.

Who doesn’t love space rats in gasmasks with acid-laden squirtguns? As the name denotes, the Veer’myn faction are basically rat-mens (as my niece calls them) that exist as sentient vermin living among the sewers and ruins of civilization. These creatures find their way aboard spacecraft, spreading their species throughout the known worlds as stowaways. The Veer’myn are highly […]

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Deadzone: Industrial Terrain update.

My Deadzone terrain is shaping up. Another urban district pack or two and I’ll be happy. I’ve divided my terrain into two types of table settings: industrial and urban commercial. The industrial table harkens back to my days playing GW’s Necromunda on flimsy cardstock terrain. Lots of tall towers connected by precarious catwalks, open walls […]

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