New Project: DIY Casting

I’m taking a break from 28mm models to work on 15mm stuff once again. As All Quiet on the Martian Front has gained new life, I thought I’d dust off the models, but set the next Martian invasion in the 1960s while America was busy planning to fight on the nuclear battlefields of a Cold […]

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Deadzone: Veer’myn update.

I’ve posted on the Veer’myn before but having finally finished models from the faction booster I figured I’d do an update. I was fell in love with the look of mousemen in gasmasks and protective suits, so all models that have options for gasmasks will use that head. I followed two additional guidelines on this […]

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Deadzone 2.0: Pathfinders Faction.

Pathfinders are the recon troops used by the GSCP Enforcers as scouts. They are not an individual faction but chosen from the Enforcer list. Thankfully, there are enough choices to field an entire Pathfinder strike team and the multipart plastic sprues included with the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter campaign are quite lovely. Troops:   Specialists: Leaders  

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