15mm Trench Line

I built a set of trench segments for AQMF alongside the artillery fortifications. Since the big guns had defenses, it was time to take care of the grunts. As much as I love the game, miniatures, and setting, I’ve always gamed in 28mm. The switch to 15mm/18mm was especially painful because I’d have to build […]

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AQMF: WIP Artillery Fortifications

Finally back to work after a lengthy hiatus from gaming. Last year I started work on fortifications for my American troops in AQMF, including a lengthy trench system and hardened artillery positions based on local fortifications from the era, as I’ve blogged about previously. Well, the trenches didn’t work out (thanks for using the wrong […]

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AQMF: Trip to the Dollar Store

I’ve raved about the wonders of your local dollar general for cheap terrain building materials, but I wanted to take a quick look at some unique pieces, namely the Christmas seasonal decorations (yes, I’ve had these since December and only now have started thinking about doing anything with them). It’s worth looking for each national […]

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