Mercs: Recon. First Look, Part II

Continuing the preview¬†with more models and tiles. Most of these are from the Kickstarter campaign stretch goals and expansion packs, not in the core boxes. Once again, I don’t know when any of these will become available to order. I’ll throw up a proper gameplay review and how-to soon. OpFor: Employees and Unique Models Employees […]

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Mercs: Recon. First Look

Mercs: Recon is a boardgame by MegaCon Games set in “MERCS” the near-future dystopian sci-fi universe. Mercs: Recon is cooperative for 2-5 players working to achieve goals before the security levels rise to impossible levels. The game is also fully playable solo (and even has an appropriate “infected” zombie expansion), and the Lockdown expansion adds […]

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Ambush Ally: 15mm Coalition Forces

Now that the insurgents and government troops have been introduced, let’s take a look at my Coalition Forces models. These represent US Army troops post 2005 to the present. I chose to organize the force as a standard infantry platoon. This one only has two nine-man squads arranged into two fireteams. Each fireteam carries an […]

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Ambush Alley: 15mm Insurgency

I fell in love with 15mm gaming with All Quiet on the Martian Front. The scale is perfect for waging tiny battles on a small table to massed movements of several companies without feeling crowded. The scale allows enough space on a table to actually maneuver and attempt military tactics beyond simple attrition. It’s also […]

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AQMF: Trip to the Dollar Store

I’ve raved about the wonders of your local dollar general for cheap terrain building materials, but I wanted to take a quick look at some unique pieces, namely the Christmas seasonal decorations (yes, I’ve had these since December and only now have started thinking about doing anything with them). It’s worth looking for each national […]

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AQMF: Painted Tripods

Painting miniatures is a zen for me. Much like Japanese monks practiced fine calligraphy, raked patterns into sand, and trimmed bonsai into miniature reflections of the world, the concentration on one element at a time, tiny detailing, act of bringing to reality what’s in the mind’s eye… hours can slip away ignoring the trials of […]

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