AQMF: US Army finally painted.

There are few feelings in the realm of miniature gaming quite like fielding a fully painted army on the tabletop. This also happens to be one of the most challenging aspects of the hobby, requiring skill, patience, and copious amounts of time. The requirements for skill and patience increase proportionally as the miniatures’ scale decreases, […]

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AQMF: Quick WIP Update

Painting the Martian forces this weekend hit a snag as the brittle reaper tentacles on my Assault Tripods were in sorry shape. Rather than reglue the thin plastic tentacles, I chose to redo them. The project appeared simple, but after breaking my pin vise bits, playing with glue and magnets, and other issues, the repairs […]

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AQMF: Martian Forces WIP

With work on my US Army force nearing completion, it’s time to turn attention toward the villains of AQMF: the invading Martians and their alien warmachines. This blog entry is just a little work-in-progress note to show what’s going on with the other side. First up are the tripods. The tripods stand 40′ tall in […]

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