Shadow Wars: Armageddon 1,000-point Tau Pathfinder Team

Now that I have some terrain for SW:A its time to paint up some forces! First up is a small Tau pathfinder recon team. When Tau were first released back in the late 1990s, I really wasn’t into them. The design seemed too far away from the Games Workshop style. Since that time the Tau have certainly grown on me with their anime stylings and battlesuits. I really like the newer plastic models and all the options that come on the sprues.

Here is my complete 1,000 point force. I’m not very skilled as a painter, but I only really care about tabletop quality. I wanted an olive drab/deep green color for the hard armor plates, even though they will spend most of their games in urban industrial terrain.

My concept of use is to split off the special weapons and use them as a base of fire to cover any advance. The MB3 recon drone carries a burst cannon which provides sustained fire dice, but is short ranged. It will probably move forward with the mobile elements, adding firepower from close range. The ion rifle isn’t terribly long range either so it probably won’t be able to just find a nice hide site and hunker down. Markerlights have the same range as the rail rifle, so I can pair the sniper with another pathfinder for protection and help standing up if pinned.

Pulse accelerator drones may be useful to extend weapon ranges, but those will have to be purchased later on.


This is the 1,000 point “starting” team. I picked up some stealth suits for special operatives, but those aren’t painted yet. I also didn’t like the look of the recon drone, so this one is modified. The original model looks too clumsy and clunky for my tastes. I really wanted it more in line with the look of other Tau drones as a sleek flying disc. The drones are still WIP. 
Shas’Ui team leader and a pathfinder with pulse carbines. I feel this force may do well in groups of 2-3 models as fireteams. Unlike other armies, the Tau don’t have many options for wargear or weapons. 



Specialist team with an ion rifle. The pathfinder with pulse carbine also packs a markerlight to help his heavy weapon partner hit the enemy. 



I’ve very pleased with the extras on the plastic sprue. I love non-standard field modifications that add personality to the models, like this pulse carbine being slung with a ready magazine strapped to the stock. 



The second specialist team, armed with rail rifle and markerlight. The sniper will use his range to pick out enemies while the shorter-ranged pathfinders work their way into position. I had just enough leftover points to purchase a clip harness for the sniper. 



Pathfinder cadets with pulse pistols. I just love the idea of Tau having close combat specialists considering how bad they are at it. I wanted the model in the back to appear as if he was taking cover behind a corner while reloading his pistol. 



Pathfinder cadets from the back. The combat blade and sheath are bits from the Imperial Guard plastic sprue. 



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