Deadzone: Industrial Terrain update.

My Deadzone terrain is shaping up. Another urban district pack or two and I’ll be happy. I’ve divided my terrain into two types of table settings: industrial and urban commercial. The industrial table harkens back to my days playing GW’s Necromunda on flimsy cardstock terrain. Lots of tall towers connected by precarious catwalks, open walls for snipers, lots of vertical movement and sparse ground terrain. I’ll show these tables in more depth as I get around to painting them up.


Industrial terrain centered around the shipping/receiving docks.
I’ve been adding lots of little details to the industrial setting, like exposed power cables, junction boxes, shipping pallets, and the like. Note the fuse box with open cover on the rear wall.
Fuzzy photo, but you get the idea. I have a few “terrain toppers” for single-cube buildings to add a little cover and unique flavor. The toppers have a rim of raised plastic that fits into the beveled edges of the Battlezone squares allowing it to be modular as desired.
A couple LOS-blocking pieces of terrain in the works.


My rat-men posing on the shipping/receiving dock. The chains hanging off the decking are to allow climbing in-game (as the platform extends out beyond the supporting wall underneath. The white plastic girders are part of an overhead crane system for moving crates. 


Example of the details on the smaller workshop pieces. The chains and gears are from a craft store. I would highly recommend looking for scrap mechanical pieces rather than buying from Michaels or similar. Ridiculous prices for “burnished metal” steampunk gears.



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