Deadzone 2.0: Pathfinders Faction.

Pathfinders are the recon troops used by the GSCP Enforcers as scouts. They are not an individual faction but chosen from the Enforcer list. Thankfully, there are enough choices to field an entire Pathfinder strike team and the multipart plastic sprues included with the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter campaign are quite lovely.



pathfinders 2
Pathfinders with tag rifles. Pathfinders have a “Survive” of 4+ but no armor. I quite like the way Mantic has modelled female troops. The body armor is almost identical to male figures. Personally, I love this because modern body armor certainly does not accentuate breasts or shapely waists. Also, armor certainly creates a uniform appearance and serves to remove any individual identity from the troopers, including gender. This really fits with the “cog in the machine” feel of Enforcers. 
pathfinders 1
Tag rifles allow a model to mark a target as a short action. Any model shooting at a marked target receive +1 die. 


pathfinder snipers
Pathfinder specialists armed with sniper rifles. The rifles add +2 dice for Shoot actions, which pairs really nicely with the tag rifles’ ability to mark targets. Unfortunately, none of these weapons has any AP ability.  
pathfinder drones
Pathfinder D.O.G. drones. I slightly modified them by bulking up the middle section with armor plating. The drone carries a burst laser, providing the Pathfinders with mobile suppression. I tried to position the drone on the right in the “downward dog” pose like an animal stretching. 
monowheel scouts
Pathfinder snipers equipped with monowheel motorcycles. These were special order items during the first Deadzone KS campaign. I love the look of the monowheel bike, however, I would prefer it with a model that wasn’t armed as a sniper. The monowheel bike is now considered equipment and is an expensive Unique item. That means only one can be equipped per force, so too bad about that second model now. The bike changes the Pathfinder’s movement from 1-2 to 1-5 cubes. 


pathfinder leaders
This model was the mercenary Recon Unit N32-19 from the first Deadzone KS campaign and is still available for Mantic Points. The unit included a recon drone that added rerolls for some tests. I have not seen an updated stat card for the merc, so I am using it as a Pathfinder Sergeant. The leader adds Tactician to get +1 command dice, and has a special ability that acts to mark targets like a tag rifle. This was one of the first models I painted way back when, so it’s in desperate need to a cleanup. I do like the basing, however, and will keep the fractured urban setting for the rest of my Pathfinders. 



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