Ambush Alley: 15mm Insurgency

I fell in love with 15mm gaming with All Quiet on the Martian Front. The scale is perfect for waging tiny battles on a small table to massed movements of several companies without feeling crowded. The scale allows enough space on a table to actually maneuver and attempt military tactics beyond simple attrition. It’s also a fun scale to paint.

I picked up Ambush Alley back around 2010. The game was designed to reflect modern asymmetrical warfare, pitting trained troops against masses of militia or insurgents. The concept attracted me as 2010 was the year I left the military, after two tours in Iraq. My original plan was for 28mm scale using the many Middle Eastern buildings my flgs had in the game room, along with heavily converted Imperial Guardsmen from Games Workshop. That project fell through when I stopped playing Warhammer 40K altogether and moved into apartments where space was at a premium. But I kept the rules, and have decided to give it another go after falling in love with 15mm scale.

Ambush Alley was part of a very specific concept, however Ambush Alley Games expanded their scope to include modern militaries fighting against each other in their Force of Force series. In fact, Force on Force books now contain rules for asymmetric warfare, so the original Ambush Alley is out of date. I’ll make a separate post about all this later– for now, suffice it to say that I’ve been constructing these asymmetric warfare forces with intent to expand into larger battles. I’d currently researching the conflict in Iraq and Syria for a possible “Warlords of the Levant” list for Force on Force.

The Insurgency:

My insurgent warband is loosely based on Iraqi Sunni militias from the Iraq War circa 2006 and current ISIS/Daesh militants. The two are closely related, and I intend to run scenarios set during the Iraqi Surge of 2007-2009 and the post-2011 Iraq and Syrian conflict. The miniatures are mostly finished, only needing a bit of basing and hardcoat on vehicle windshields, but since I’m expecting two massive Kickstarter packages from MERCS and Mantic to roll in this week I wanted to post this before it gets set aside. .

insurgents 1
Technicals armed with light machine guns, mortars, a ZPU, and katyusha rockets. 
insurgents 2
Trucks and figures from Peter Pig. 

The desert raiders riding in heavily armed Toyota pickups has become a trope of Middle Eastern conflict. Although vehicles don’t feature a major role in Ambush Alley, these will be perfect for larger Force on Force games. The trucks offer transport capability in addition to firepower

insurgents 7
Crew-served heavy weapons. ZPUs and ZU 23-4s. Miniatures from Peter Pig. ISIS maintains an anti-aircraft capability due to Coalition airstrikes, but these will be anti-infantry in most games. 

My militia infantry is a mix of models and clothing styles. I wanted a chaotic look, so characteristic of ad hoc insurgent forces, but also wanted to retain some common theme. The red and white shemaghs help create a feeling of cohesion among the force.Military gear and uniforms are spread throughout, representing both captured equipment and former regime jundi turned against the state. The force has access to RPGs, recoilless rifles, and mortars for heavy weapons.

insurgents 6
Militiamen are from Peter Pig’s African Wars line. Former soldiers are US troops from Peter Pig’s Vietnam range. Others are from Battlefront’s WWII Indian troops range, slightly converted. 
insurgents 5
Closeup of Jihad Johnson and militia leaders. 
insurgents 4
Most figures wear some form of military pistol belt and pouches or load bearing gear. Mix of civilian and military clothing. 
insurgents 3
Slight conversions adding keffiyeh and load bearing gear. 

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