WIP Land Ironclad Revisited

I just realized it’s been 8 months since I posted the Land Ironclad under construction. Since then, Alien Dungeon (the company producing AQMF) has gone into bankruptcy in spectacular meltdown. Uncertain of the game’s future and slightly bitter at all the dollars and hours invested in collecting, building, and painting, I relegated my farm houses to bookshelf scenery and packed everything up into a big box for storage.

Fortunately a core of players is keeping AQMF alive, and there are prospects of the game being picked up by another company, or a similar game released at the very least. Encouraged by this news, I decided to pull out some old stuff and finish the projects. Here’s the progress on the Land Ironclad.


First up is the bow. The treads are not yet attached to the hull. Machineguns are mounted in two styles: ball-turret in the hull and pintle-mount on the upper decks. The structure with windows is the pilot house, from where the landship is guided. I imagine it’s not steered like a traditional ship or tank, but orders are issued to each tread to lock or release as needed to bring her about. Orders such as “30 degrees port” would signal to the tread engineers to lock, release, or power their specific treads for a set amount of time, or until a second order was issued for changes. The upper house is for spotting/plotting firing solutions for the big guns as well as providing a tower for high ranking officers to direct the battle.


Close up detail of the front treads. Smaller 3″ cannons are mounted on the tread units, with the ball machineguns along the hull.


Size comparison with a standard MkII Baldwin steam tank. Roughly approximates the size of the resin models Aliens Dungeon released.


Stern view showing the coal bunkers and cargo doors, and cranes for the motorlaunch cars. I used HO-scale parts from ship models for the vents and spotlights.


Top view of the stern showing cargo loading hatches, cranes, and recon motorlaunch cars.


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