15mm Trench Line

I built a set of trench segments for AQMF alongside the artillery fortifications. Since the big guns had defenses, it was time to take care of the grunts. As much as I love the game, miniatures, and setting, I’ve always gamed in 28mm. The switch to 15mm/18mm was especially painful because I’d have to build an entire table of terrain from scratch.

The finished product is mostly constructed from recycled scraps. I did open-sided trenches that are more like barricades than actual trenches, both to save money and be versatile on the table. One problem with gaming terrain is that anything that is supposed to represent being lower than ground level looks odd on the flat table. Because I’m not dedicating an entire table to AQMF gaming, the trenches would rest flush with whatever surface I used for gaming. Also, as my intended geographical area of battle represents ad hoc efforts rather than serious preplanned defense, I felt this barricade-style was more appropriate. Also, since the Martians aren’t known for immense artillery barrages like the terrestrial armies of WWI, I felt that there wasn’t much need for deep trenches to protect against shrapnel and explosions in the rear.

Took me about a night to cut and glue, and another night to paint. Two problems came up while building: first, I didn’t provide enough ends for overlapping so the segments don’t all quite touch in the middle, and I didn’t accurately measure before gluing the backfill down, so infantry stands don’t sit flush on some segments.

To make them I cut card into small strips and laid them like boards where the infantry will sit, and made separate wall pieces the same way. The embankment is foam covered with sand. Sandbags were made from air-drying clay and glued on last. I hand mixed brown for the mud and highlights (which is why the artillery bunkers are a different shade…), and used a heavy wash of black and copper-brown-ocre on the wooden planks.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFront and rear views of the long segments.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFront and rear views of machinegun nests/observation posts.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFront and rear views of artillery revetments for field guns.


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